EDC Orlando Afterparty Pileup | EDC Orlando 2013

List of Afterparties Surrounding EDC Orlando 2013

The party is over. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

“Really, you can’t stay here. What are you standing there for? Keep it moving!”

Visitors to EDC will have two similar experiences this weekend as the party shuts off at Midnight, and Tinker Field and Insomniac Events release 20,000+ attendees into the streets. Chances are high you’ll be one of them. I know I will. To help you prepare for the moment when security starts clearing the place out, here is a list of events that will carry your night past 2am, where everyone knows nothing good happens.

Friday November 8th 

Manufactured Superstars & Thomas Jack at Tier


Evolve Group, 361, Uproar, and Skystrike teamed up with influential blogs EDM Sauce and Your EDM to bring Manufactured Superstars & Thomas Jack to Tier. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased now at EvolveGroupTickets.com. Tickets are available at the door but if this is where you’d like to be grab them now.


Ignition Afterparty


First up this weekend for Alliance Events and The Historic Club at Firestone is Ignition’s After Party Experience. There are no names on the flyer yet but don’t expect it to stay that way. The Electronic Music scene moves quickly and bookings happen overnight, there’s no telling who might show up and play this event but expect a big name or two. Your EDC wristband is good for $5 off, and 21+ up is free before Midnight.


Sleepless Day 1


Next up for the Alliance Crew is Sleepless Day 1, a party that starts at 2am and goes until 5am. No public information is available, you must contact a member of Alliance, RSVP on facebook, or have an invitation to get in. Alliance has a large roster of talented artists, best guess says a few of them will play, and appearances from EDC artists could happen as well.


Space Orlando “Life after EDC”


The Sapphire Room, located at 33 W.Pine St., has Space Orlando presented by Vizion 1 and Social Menace. Space Orlando offers 2 rooms of Breaks, Trap, and Dubstep from familiar names from assorted entertainment companies here in Orlando and around Florida. $5 and your EDC ticket gets you in the door, everyone else pays $10.


Give Me F*ckin’ Breakbeat at Suite B


If you’re looking to get down to Old Skool and Nu Skool breaks, Suite B is giving you a fucking Breakbeat with J-Break, founder of Cyberian Knights Recordings. This one is 18+ and has no price listed but expect it to be free, $5, $10, $15, or $20.


Go Deep After EDC


If you’re looking for something a little more on the mellow side, go deep at Sandwich Bar with Mark E Hunt, Mason Goss and Mathew Scot for Deep Domain. This party will also be live streamed at Trance-Domain.com. Contact the facebook event page for more info.


Saturday November 9th


Skream and Oneman at Kontrol 


Skream is coming! Young Dubstep pioneer, half of Magnetic Man, and current provider of Garage and Disco, Skream is at Roxy with Oneman and Swardsons for Evolve Group’s Kontrol. Check out Skream and Disclosure on Boiler Room’s You Tube channel for a taste of what he’s been up to lately. Tickets are $15 – $25 and can be purchased at EvolveGroupTickets.com.


Society After Party Experience 


Alliance is back for another one, this time with their Society partner HTG, for Society After Party Experience. Details are the same as the Ignition Party, expect big names and plenty of talent. Check the Facebook Event page later in the week as info will be posted as soon as they can make an announcement.

* BUNNY from Rabbit In The Moon has been added


Sleepless Day 2


See above for Sleepless Day 1, details are the same and you must RSVP and contact Alliance to get in.

*Added To The Lineup

– Cruz Control
– Dane Ierna
– Krybtonite


Everlasting Flavor


An all-star Breakbeat lineup has come together for Everlasting Flavor, a tribute and fund-raiser for Breakbeat pioneer Rick West who passed away recently. The event is in Tampa at Hogan’s Beach but goes until 3am and will probably have after parties as well. If you know of Rick West and would like to make a donation follow the Facebook event link above and read the pinned post from Bella. If you don’t know of Rick West search his Flavor mixtape series and get acquainted, he was influential in the scene the first time Electronic music exploded in the 90’s and was still carrying the torch until his unfortunate passing.


A Taste of SWiYtness at Thee Grotto (3 hours set)


For a taste of SWiYtness visit Thee Grotto for a 3 hour set from SWiY, Someone Who Isn’t You, a Live Electronic Performance/DJ duo with a ton of gear. All of it is encased in clear plastic and washed in blacklights so you can see what they’re doing and trip out on the pretty colors. Free tickets are floating around Downtown, you might even run in to them on a promo run Friday night to grab a couple. They just released a promo video, hit this link to see what they do live.


Soul Purpose w/ Gustolabs & NLP


Always a fun party, Soul Purpose from local Breakbeat crew N L P takes place at Vixen with Gustolabs, Matrix, JDub, Supagroover, and MX, hosted by MCMB. This one is free all night and will be the last Soul Purpose at Vixen so the rules have been thrown out the window. Most of them anyway.


Bikini Laser Bounce at Airheads Trampoline


Bounce over (I couldn’t resist) to Airheads Trampoline for Bikini Laser Bounce, an event brough to you by Infinity Entertainment, MNS Entertainment ans DRK STR Entertainment. 6 artists are on the lineup, there are trampolines everywhere to relax or jump on, and girls with bikinis get in half price. Hit the Facebook link for full details.


Lab at Suite B


Deep House takes the stage at Suite B on Saturday Night for Lab with Fobia and Leo Montoya. The party is 18+ and no prices are listed so expect to pay nothing, $5, $10, $15, or $20.


Tampa Vs Orlando At The Sapphire Room 


House Heads are uniting for Tampa Vs Orlando, a lineup of 6 DJs, 3 each from Tampa and Orlando, who are looking for the city that “brings out the most people… has the hottest ladies…best dancers… and better ratio.” No offense to Tampa but we do have EDC Orlando so they’ll have to come up with something major to win this one.