FSEDM Interviews Duelle After SMF

FSEDM Interviews Duelle After SMF

Sisters Danielle and Gabrielle Verderese make up the Miami based dance duo known as Duelle. After their amazing performance at Sunset Music Festival FSEDM President Billy Parry was able to sit down with the girls and ask them some questions!

 1. Awesome set at Sunset Music Festival this year! How was your experience preforming in front of a huge Florida crowd?
-Thank you. It was great! Florida is our home state, so it was a big deal for us going from playing festivals as locals to being on the Sunset lineup this year.


2. We see you have been preforming outside of Florida over the past few months! Any other big club or festival performances scheduled for the second half of the year?
-Absolutely, we just headlined Marquee Dayclub in Vegas, our next big show is at Avalon in Los Angeles July 3rd, we are headlining Electric Summer July 10th in Fort Wayne just to name a few. You can catch us playing all over the country throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall.


3. After every show we always hear great reviews about your sets! What do you feel stands out about your performances? 
-Everyone always says it is the high energy we bring in our performance that draws people in. We just give it all we have each and every show and leave our hearts on stage. I think that is what has created our “ride or die” fan base we call the #DMNDMOB.


4. Seems you’ve been busy in the studio as well the past year! You released two killer Dubstep releases on Firepower Records with Protohype and Buygore Records with Kayzo and also released an original deep house track ‘Ice’ for free download on Soundcloud. What can we expect to hear in the future from Duelle?  Will you continue to release various styles? Any collaborations to look forward to?
-Yes, we are always experimenting with different genres and never want to be boxed in. We just create and our goal is always to make good music, no matter what genre it falls into. We have a collab coming out soon with Skellism, and another with Riot Ten along with many more. Also a new EP we are currently working on which is going to be dope!


5. How long have you 2 been involved in music? What did you do before Duelle?
-We have been making music for about six years now. We are actually both trained dancers, and before fully focusing on the Duelle project we went to a high school for the performing arts as dancers and prestigious colleges for dance as well. The vision for all of this is to incorporate our dance training into our live show and create something that has never been done before.


6. If we wanted to listen to who inspires Duelle, who would we look up?
-Yellow Claw, Brillz, Odesza, Jauz and our girls Krewella.



7. What music do you listen to outside of electronic music for inspiration? 
-We have always been into hip-hop, love listening to The Weeknd when we’re just chillin’ and always into Drake and Nicki Minaj, who actually had a big influence on us being females who rap. We’ve been on some Post Malone and Fetty Wap lately too.

8. Do you each have a strongpoint musically that adds to the team, or do you generally figure out your performances and music together? 
-We both are constantly searching for new music that fits our sets, and put them together along with some staging when we do live vocals. Musically, we are always into the same thing so we agree on stuff and know if it fits production wise. Lyrically, we come up with a concept together and I, Danielle mainly write all of our tracks.

9. Do you ever switch hair color to confuse everyone you know? 
-Haha no, but that’s actually a great idea! We thought the hair colors would separate us from looking like twins but I guess that didn’t work either.

10. FSEDM is a student organization filled with tons of passionate artists and DJs trying to release music and perform. Any words of advice for them?
-Yes we love that and think it’s great. It has been a long journey for us in music and working to find our niche. You just can’t give up and you have to be true to yourself. Make what you enjoy making, work hard at your craft and just keep pushing.

11. Any last words about the future of Duelle’s music?
-We are sitting on some great tracks at the moment and can’t wait to release them to the world. Keep your eye out and follow us on social media for all new releases!

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