FSEDM Interviews Thomas Gold at EDC Orlando 2014

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Thomas Gold at EDC Orlando 2014

Post By: Former FSEDM President Billy Parry
It’s day 2 at EDC Orlando and the Circuit Ground is packed out. The lights begin to flicker as the next DJ comes on stage. Shivers run through the spines of those in attendance when the beautiful voice of Kate Elsworth is heard over the speakers. As the music picks up momentum, the strobe lights begin to flash and the DJ is seen on stage screaming into the microphone “EDC ORLANDO! ARE YOU READY TO PARTY!?” The crowd now realizes its legendary producer Thomas Gold behind the decks amping up the crowd with his latest hit Colourblind, the perfect lead-in for an hour long set filled with beautiful progressive anthems, and crowd moving Electro House bangers, accompanied by epic vocals from various genres that all music fans could recognize. Thousands of people made their way over to the Circuit Ground Stage for this high powered performance that truly displayed why Thomas Gold is consistently booked at the top festivals in the world. Thomas Gold has had a spectacular year, releasing two chart topping collabs, Colourblind with Kate Elsworth, and Beast, with Borgeous, and has been on many notable lineups throughout the world.
Before his set at EDC Orlando this year I was able to ask Thomas Gold a few questions, we covered his career, who inspires him, what up and coming artists can expect, and more. Read our discussion below and hit play on his set from EDC to experience the night one more time! ENJOY!

I see that you have been on many lineups in Florida, do you have a special attraction to Florida or is it just always one of your usual spots? 
 Thomas Gold – Florida has always been one of the favorite parts on my tours. I love Miami and I love the whole Florida area. It’s very chill and always has a great vibe.


You play shows all around the world, how do your sets vary from show to show? 
 Thomas Gold – I have a lot of signature tracks that I always play at all my shows, but of course I switch it up everywhere I go. My festival sets are very different than my club sets. During a festival set I have to compress more songs into a shorter amount of time and in a club show I can go through many different vibes and let songs build up longer.


Are there any collaborations we can look forward to?
 Thomas Gold – Yes, I am still working on a track with Deniz Koyu. and some other producers,  but what I am mainly focusing on now is the vocal stuff. I am currently working with several top of the line writers that I am constantly sending ideas back and forth with. I really look forward to the European winter so I can get back into the studio and record all these great vocal ideas.


Your partnership with Cirque du Soleil and Light Nightclub is interesting, what can you tell us about that?
Thomas Gold – I have residency and its an amazing combination of a huge club, a major light system, and the Cirque Soleil performers. Every time I play there it still amazes me seeing the performers come down from the ceiling and dance just about everywhere in the club! It’s an incredible experience.
If we wanted to research the artist that originally inspired you, who would we search for? 
Thomas Gold – There’s a lot of guys that have inspired me such Axwell and Steve Angello, especially with  his earlier productions. Roger Sanchez and Harry Romero were the first guys I saw play live and of course they had an influence on me. But I honestly I get inspirations from just about everything. It might be just one track or a melody I hear. I try to draw inspiration from a multiple areas in music.


While touring what do you find yourself doing with most of your free time? 
 Thomas Gold – I am on my portable studio a lot. I bring my laptop wherever I go and spend most of my off time making music. But whenever I get a chance to see my friends and family I always make time to see them. I always miss seeing friends and family so whenever I run into them on tour I enjoy taking time to socialize with them.

Question for our students here at Full Sail, what is your advice to any aspiring producers or artist?
 Thomas Gold – Always remember producing music will take lots of time so always keep putting in the long hours because that is what will pay off. In this business  You have to work 7 days week and almost 24 hours a day because you have to work on music, be online to be up to date with everything, and you have to be really passionate to succeed and be into every moment of work. Also you really need to find your  signature sound whatever it may be and build on that. It’s ok to study other people’s music to learn, but you need to figure out what makes your sound yours ultimately.


Do you find it important to listen to other genres of music for inspiration?
 Thomas Gold – Yes I would recommend it because it is always good to go beyond what you are doing so your brain can expand it’s view. Sometimes inspiration comes from songs you never expected it to come from. Sometimes when I listen to a pop track on the radio I get a good idea for one of my tracks or sometimes I listen to chill music or classical  music to change my mood. You should always be open to anything.
Any last comments on the future of your sound?
Thomas Gold – I am always working on my music and I am constantly trying to developing my music to freshen up my sound. Theres so much new technical gear on market such as vintage synthesizers coming out with even more crazier sounds. There’s also a lot of techniques that can be used now in producing that could not be used five years ago. Personally I want to explore new fields of music because I have so many ideas that I can use to make into lots of different styles of music. I don’t know where my music will be in five years but thats the interesting thing, I just got to keep taking chances and embracing the opportunities presented to me.