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Splice’s Ultimate Free Plugin List

Author: AJ “Wolfe” Salvatore

If you’re a music producer like many of us at Full Sail University, and you haven’t heard of Splice yet, then you’re in for a treat! Splice is the Dropbox of producing and collaborating. The appealing features of joining Splice for free include a cloud storage service with unlimited space, speeds that are up to 10x faster than Dropbox, and it makes collaborating simple by allowing you to comment, see what plugins you need to open a file, and allow you to see a quick view of the track. Splice is currently compatible with four DAW’s including Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio, and GarageBand.

If you haven’t fallen in love with Splice already, it gets better! Splice took the liberty of compiling the ultimate list of free plugins, which can be viewed here. Unlike other lists you can find by digging deep into online forums, Splice keeps the list updated and features working links. With clear pictures of each interface and most downloads available on Splice’s sight, there’s no more sifting through and downloading inadequate and inferior plugins.

The community section on Splice’s website is the cherry on top. You can upload your tracks here and view other tracks as well. Beginners and even advanced users can learn tips and tricks in the community, by having others criticize your track and by viewing finished tracks that are uploaded by others. With a friendly atmosphere and great tools for filtering searches, the community is an excellent place for learning and sharing knowledge. So if you haven’t already by now, check out Splice and sign up on their website for free here.